Tip Tuesday: The Power of Scheduling

We recently shared five tips on how to increase your social media engagement. We will break each of these points down and go into more detail to offer you additional support.

This week, we’ll share a few more tips to help you post consistently.

Post Consistently

Our research shows that you don’t need to be posting every day, but it is beneficial to post regularly and consistently. Create a schedule & try your best to stick to it – you don’t need to be posting every day. To start, you could look to post every 3 days to ease you in. If you are posting daily, it’s recommended to leave 24 hours between posts. This could be images or reels on your grid! If you have a business page, you can check when your engagement is highest and post just before that time

Change your page to a business

If you haven’t set up your social media as a business, we recommend you do. It offers a wider variety of options and insights. These are crucial to staying organised but also to give you additional tools to support your business; like insights, scheduling and the ability to retail items directly from your page (if you want to!). You can also choose a creator account, which offers many of the same perks. Need help deciding which account? Click here for a great breakdown. 

How to convert your personal page or account to a business?

It's simple, just follow the steps linked below!

You can view Facebook’s steps here and Instagram’s steps here 

Schedule your posts

Once you’ve changed your account to a business or creator page, the best advice we can give is to take advantage of Facebook & Instagram’s scheduling options. There’s no need to use an external platform, and if you use both, you can schedule your posts (or reels) directly from Facebook for both.

Scheduling allows you to plan and create a ‘buffer’ of posts so there’s always content going out and you don’t need to be on social media every day. The best way to be consistent, is to be organised. Remember, social media is free advertising, if you’re not taking advantage of it, now is the time!

How to schedule your posts

If you use Facebook and Instagram (we would recommend both for the most amount of engagement all round) you can use Facebook to schedule your posts (It’s not possible to schedule posts to Facebook from Instagram). Once you’ve converted your page, you will have access to Meta Business Suite to organise your posts. If you only use Instagram, you can schedule directly from the app. 

Click Here for a step by step on how to schedule Facebook Posts

Click Here for a step by step on how to schedule Instagram Posts

Final Tips & Advise

Your feed is a way to advertise your work with the goal of reaching new customers or can be a way of expressing your creativity if you’re unable to take on new clients!

The feed can hold a certain theme or colour scheme if this is also something you want to represent- but you don’t have too, so don’t worry too much about having themes.

We generally don’t recommend using filters for hand images, as they can alter the appearance of the nails/gels, this can be confusing for client’s if they choose a colour shown on your feed and in real life it doesn’t match. When we select photos to share on our feed, we try to select the ones that represent the colours as true to life as possible. Different phones and lighting can impact the colours, neons are often the hardest to capture! If you need to do some tweaks or filters to get the colour closer to real life, this would be fine.

Mix and match your posts too, you can post images alongside reels, so your profile looks fun and interactive. You can do this by alternating your posts when you schedule them to make sure you’re using both types of content. You can also repost and share your content onto your stories so it can reach a wider audience.

We will go more in depth on what reel ideas you can do later in the series.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and if you have any questions or need any help, please do reach out to us, we’re here to help you reach your goals!