Whatever your experience, whatever your budget, we have a training course that will be right for you!

CALGEL® is a professional product sold only to certified technicians. Our training ensures a proper understanding of our unique system to ensure technicians have a full understanding of product knowledge, application, removal and contraindications.  Our training also helps protects the reputation of the brand and the investment of thousands of those who have trained in CALGEL®  over the last 20 years.



If you hold a certificate and are experienced in using an alternative gel sculpting systems such as Bio Sculpture, CND Brisa or OPI Axxium, for example, we offer a one-day Conversion Course.

This is a shorter, more condensed training course suited for experience technicians that will cover all CALGEL techniques and application, as well as product knowledge. 

This course will allow you to purchase and use CALGEL products as soon as you completed your one day training with amazing after training specials to start building your collection with over 180 colours to choose from.

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with kit worth over 300


Our Silver Pro Training Package is a great introduction to CALGEL®. Suitable for all levels of experience for those not looking to offer nail extensions.

Our small, dedicated classes ensure that even those with none or minimal experience with a gel system (or those that have only used gel polish) will gain the confidence to start their career as a CALGEL® PRO. Your one day training will focus on overlays, infills & removal. We recommend upgrading to the two-day Gold Pro Package for complete training in all applications.

Milton Keynes IH Academy & Regional Venues

 £330 inc VAT

What's Included? One Day Training covering: Product Knowledge, Nail Prep, Overlays, Infills & Safe Soak-Off Removal.  A 47 piece kit with everything you need to get started (worth over £300 if purchased separately)

A Recap & Assessment Half Day to complete your CALGEL® education & qualify as a CALGEL® PRO. To be sat within 6 months of your initial training.

Upgrade to Gold Pro Package from only £90

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with kit worth over £345


Our Gold Pro Package is our complete training packaging and enables you to recap and fresh your overlay skills learnt on Day 1, You will also learn the skills to extend the natural nail for full sets of extensions using Gel Sculptures or Nail Tip Extensions and how to fix and correct broken nails.

Suitable for all levels of experience for those that want complete CALGEL® Training including gel sculptures & nail tip extensions.

Milton Keynes IH Academy & Regional Venues 

£432 incl VAT

What's Included? Two Day Training covering: Product Knowledge, Nail Prep, Overlays, Infills, Gel Sculptures, Tip Extensions & Safe Soak-Off Removal.  A 58 piece kit with everything you need to get started (worth over £345 if purchased separately.) 

A Recap & Assessment Day to complete your CALGEL® education & qualify as a CALGEL® PRO. To be sat within 6 months of your initial training.

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Train in the comfort of your own home or salon.


If you ae unable to attend one of our dates, or our venues aren't suitable, we can come to you.  Bespoke or in-salon CALGEL training is also a great option if you are a salon owner looking to train a number of technicians. 

Training can also be tailored to your needs so you can focused on specific applications that are best suited for your clients, for example, you can choose to focus solely on overlays & gel sculptures rather than covering tip extensions too. 

In-salon training can be a more cost-effective way to become a certified CALGEL Salon than attending one of our venues. 

Prices start from £330 inc. VAT for up to four people and are dependent on availability of our educators. 

Personalised One on One Training is also available at our Head Office in Milton Keynes subject to availability.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

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Recap & Assessment Day

Education is at the core of our business. We believe that providing superior products and training enables those that choose to invest in CALGEL are able to offer their clients the highest quality services with nails that look amazing and last for up to six weeks.

To qualify as a CALGEL PRO & complete training, all technicians will need to attend an assessment day, this is normally to be sat within 6 months of the initial training course. 

Since 1999, we have learned that the best way to for technicians to improve their skills and build on their confidence is to be able to recognise their areas of improvement & understand how to correct mistakes.  

Our Recap & Assessment Days are the perfect opportunity to showcase progress and gain valuable feedback from one of our Educators and are not something to be worried about. Prior to attending an Assessment Day, all those booking a Silver or Gold Pro Package able to attend a Refresher Day free of charge if they are not feeling confident enough to attend an assessment day & can rebook for a later date.

Please speak to our one of Training Team for more details.

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