Pro Colour Builders I Spring 2024

New Month • New Colours • Four New Builders
We're kickstarting March with four new builder gels in Pro Colour. Since 2017, when our first Cover/Builder Gels launched, they have grown in popularity and we've seen an increase in demand over the last two years.
Pro Colour Builder Gels
Colour. Length. Strength.
All In One Pot.


Pro Colour Peony Builder
Pro Colour Whisper
Pro Colour Creme Builder
Pro Colour Honeysuckle

Our Pro Colour builder gels can be used to add strength, colour and reinforce natural nails, as well as extending length by sculpting and/or using as a cover gel with tip extensions. No clear gel needed.  All of 'sheer' gels can be used for adding strength and shape, otherwise known as a 'structured' overlay. They, of course, can also be used for a gel manicure for a sheer finish. 
If you'd like to know more about Pro Colour & Pro Colour Builders, please don't hesitate to get in touch.