What are gel nails?

Gel nails come in a hard (cannot be soaked off) or soft form (can be soaked off) and are cured in a lamp with UV or LED light. They can be used for natural nail overlays in clear, French manicure or colour or be used to extend the length of the natural nail through gel sculptures or to reinforce nail tips. They differ from acrylic nails that require mixing of a liquid and a powder. CALGEL is a one phase gel nail system that has built its reputation on being an easy to use, one-step gel nail system that soaks off and lasts up to six weeks. Unlike gel polish systems which may require a perfect nail to begin with, CALGEL can create the perfect nail by building and correcting ridged or broken nails. No need for additional products, one clear gel does all.


This unique system offers one clear gel that can be used as a sculpture gel to build shape as well as length without the need for primers, base gels or finishing/sealer gels. Available in over 180 colours; CALGEL colour gel can also be applied directly to the natural nail. With only two layers of colour gel required to complete the treatment, our colour gel manicures are often referred to as an ‘Express Manicure’. Some technicians choose to finish with a layer of clear gel to help build and reduce any ridges in the nail and to create the perfect c-curve.

Extend with Gel Sculptures or Tip Extensions

Lasts up to six weeks

CALGEL does not prevent nail growth and provides beautiful, long lasting and glossy nails, for up to six weeks. Its damage free soak off has gained a strong reputation since its introduction; CALGEL is a true one phase soak off gel. To help answer the question, 'what are gel nails?', try CALGEL for yourself and you will understand why so many convert from other multi-step nail systems.

Flexible nature

CALGEL is extremely hard wearing; its strength is in its flexibility as it acts as a shock absorber on the natural nail, removing the risk of chipping and cracking. This allows movement with the natural nail and reduces the possibility of breakage and snapping. An optional layer of clear gel can be applied onto the natural nail prior to tip application to help provide extra protection and stability for those that need it.

No need to take 'breaks'

CALGEL is permeable system, that allows moisture to pass through the layers of the gel, this moisture can evaporate helping to prevent lifting and for maximum adhesion. As CALGEL doesn't interfere with the natural metabolic activity of the nail; no ‘break’ is needed between treatments and one can infill up to three times before requiring a soak off. After proper removal, the natural nail will be damage free!

The ability to infill

One of CALGEL’s unique ability is to the option to infill changing colour from a lighter gel colour to a darker shade and giving a whole new look without having to soak off. Fortnightly removals are not necessary; this avoids over exposure to soak off products which may cause the nails to dry out. CALGEL is as close to an everlasting polish as you can get.

The ability to change colour

An alternative to infilling a new gel colour, changing colour at home is easy; simply apply our nail polish over your clear or colour gel and remove with Cleanse (our non-acetone remover). There are no restrictions to changing the colour and the gel is there to protect your nails underneath. Your nail polish will also last longer over gel and helps to avoid any staining of the nail.

Soak Off

Once CALGEL has been correctly and safely soaked off, the natural nail will be left clean and damage free.

The removal process involves placing Wonder Wipe (cotton wool), soaked in our Soak Off solution, on top of the gel and then wrapping our Soak Off Foil around the finger tip. This allows the gel to lift off from the nail plate. A full soak off should only take minutes and by using Wonder Wipe there is no need to soak the fingers in a bowl of acetone. NO harsh tools, electric drills or files are needed.

The condition of the natural nail will either be improved (if nails are damage prior to CALGEL application, this damage can grow out and fresh, strong nail can grow while being protected by the gel) or remain the same (if they were in a good condition to begin with).

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