Looking for a faster way to extend nails? Why not try our new Clear Whole Nail Tip Extensions.

Launching in five different styles, our new Clear Whole Nail pre-shaped tips are perfect for quicker nail extensions and require little to no blending (depending on the application and your client's nails and chosen style). Our clear tips can be applied using a clear builder gel with no need for nail resin. The technique may require some practice, but once mastered the application is simple & quick. 

With no clear gel needed to reinforce the stress area or add shape to the nail (as you require for traditional tips or gel sculptures), you will save time on application & money on clear gel. These clear whole nail tips are available in Boxes of 200 and Refill Packs of 50 and can be purchased right away. 

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What shapes are available?

Long Round Clear Nail Tips
Natural Short Clear Nail Tips
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How do I apply them?

Our new tips can be applied using a clear builder gel with no need for nail resin. The technique may require some practice, but once mastered the application is simple & quick. As the tip is supported over the whole nail bed, the tips don’t require a reinforcement build layer for strength and shape like traditional half well-tips or gel sculptures.

If preferred, tips can also be applied using resin. We recommend always using a base of clear first and not applying the resin directly onto the natural nail. Cure your base layer thoroughly before applying whole nail tip with resin.

What gel can I use to apply them?

All Izabelle Hammon clear base gels can be used for securing clear tips. We do recommend using CALGEL or iZ Pro Base&Build Clear for best results. Our gels do not require etching of the clear tip prior to application. 

Our clear nail tips can be used with alternative clear builder gel if they are suitable. If using another system, you may wish to etch the underside of the tip for adequate adhesion. Please speak to your clear gel supplier, or contact us to find out more about our Base&Build Clear Gel. 

Are they suitable for heavy-handed clients?

Yes, they would be suitable for most clients. These semi-flexible tips allow some movement minimising the risk of breakages or snapping when used with Izabelle Hammon Ltd colour gels (which add extra protection). Always advise your clients to avoid using their nails as tools so ensure their tips last as long as possible. 

Can they be used on clients with very short or bitten nails?

Yes, but we would recommend that the free edge of the tip extension is no more than the length of the natural nail bed for the first appointment. It is better to start shorter as your client gets used to the extra length & allow your client's natural nails to grow beneath the tip. 

You can reduce the length of the tip from the bottom ensuring you keep the pre-shaped edge, alternatively, we do have one 'short' option available in a natural slightly-rounded square shape.

How long will they last for?

When applied correctly, the tips should last until you choose to remove them. Nail preparation and the base layer of clear are crucial to the longevity; if the base layer of clear starts to lift, so will the tip.

How do I remove them?

Removal is easy; the tips can soaked-off as normal. You may wish to thin down the layers of gel on top of the tips to help speed up removal.  If your client wants to go shorter, you can clip the tip extensions to required length before buffing the gel on top and soaking-off. The tips soak-off in roughly 10 minutes without gel on top. 

Do I need to soak-off every time?

There is no need to soak-off for every appointment. Gel can be infilled as normal on top of the clear tips. If you prefer to completely remove the previous colour, we recommend doing a layer of clear on top of the tip before applying your colour so you are able to buff or e-file the colour off to the base of clear (which helps to protect the tip beneath it) before infilling the clear and applying a fresh colour.

I don't use your gels, can I still use these tips?

Yes, all our tips are suitable to use with any colour gel nail system and can be used with other gel tip extension systems if not being used with one of our clear gels.

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Please see our Clear Tip Step-by-Step for more advice on application.