Falling For You The Collection

Fall in love with our newest autumnal shades, available in CALGEL & Pro Colour. A range of six colours that will bring autumn sophistication to your clients’ fingertips.
769 Birdsong
Experience the subtle charm of Birdsong, a delicate pink-beige shade with its delicate purple undertones, perfect for a soft and elegant autumn look.
How does it compare to existing colours?
Birdsong is softer than Protea Pink and has a cooler, purple undertone.
770 Bonfire

Embrace the warmth of Bonfire, a muted autumnal red with gentle hints of orange, capturing the essence of a cosy autumn evening.
How does it compare to existing colours?
Bonfire has a less vibrant hue compared to the bold reds like Cherry Tree and British Red. It has a significantly stronger, orange undertone when compared to Hot Chilli, while maintaining a more muted finish.
771 Nutmeg

Dive into the comforting embrace of Nutmeg, a milky brown with inviting warm undertones, reminiscent of freshly ground spice.
How does it compare to existing colours?
Nutmeg has a milder, creamier tone compared to Snapshot, and it carries a warmer, reddish undertone rather than the purple tones of Snapshot. In contrast to the Ready to Wear, Nutmeg leans more towards brown and doesn't feature the pinky tones.
772 Cosy Season

Indulge in the allure of Cosy Season, a deep red-tinted pink with enchanting warm undertones, that invokes the sensation of snuggling up in a warm knitted jumper.
How does it compare to existing colours?
Cosy Season leans closer to a true pink in comparison to French Clay. While it does have a slight warmth, French Clay tends to have stronger orange undertones and a more muted appearance.

773 Mulled Wine

Unveil the richness of Mulled Wine, a dark red that exudes sophistication, inspired by the deep hues of a spiced winter wine.
How does it compare to existing colours?
Mulled Wine is deeper than red such as Vamp, The Big Apple, and Up All Night. It is not as dark and is leans closer to red than Merlot. It less brown-toned compared to Poison.
774 Frosted Pine

Capture the essence of a winter wonderland with this rich green with a slightly creamy finish.
 How does it compare to existing colours?
Frosted Pine is noticeable lighter and creamy than Army Green. It is more of a true green compared to Garden Route which is more of creamy, cool toned khaki & Enchanted Forest which is a deep grey-toned khaki.