Introducing iZ Body

Launching with three multi-use products, the new iZ Body Range range will focus on products that are vegan and cruelty-free using as many naturally derived products as possible. The range will be developed using UK based manufacturers who are passionate about creating premium products with high-quality ingredients.

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Products will be created nail and beauty professionals for in-salon use and supported by a range of smaller retail-focused products for clients to use at home. Our goal is for most of the range to be multi-use and not just for hand or nail care.

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Lock It In Hydrating Balm
So Fresh Cuti-Butter
Izabelle Hammon Ltd is making a commitment to be more sustainable, our goal is for new packaging for our brands to be recyclable, made using recycled or bio-based materials, and/or reusable. In order to reduce waste, future products launched under the iZ Body range, may be launched using existing packaging and updated at a later date in a more sustainable option.