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Meet Lianne

Lianne Clarke is an award-winning nail artist who owns nail studio, ‘Swoon Nails’ in Central Glasgow. Lia has an amazing eye for eye-catching colour combinations and create unique designs using a combination of nail art and free-hand techniques. Lia has been in the nail industry for over a decade and has been our Creative Brand Ambassador since 2015. 

For more inspiration and Nail Art Tutorials, find Lia on Instagram @swoonnails and check out her latest IGTV videos.

 About the design

Who is the design best suited to i.e. which type of client, and which type of tech?

This design is best suited to a client of any age, who is attracted to all things geometric and Art Deco. Meticulous nail techs who get a kick out of getting lines straight as a nail file will enjoy doing this design.  The look can easily be transformed by choosing a bright & bold colour and pairing it with any complementary glitter. 

How long did it take to create?

Including the sculptures, this design took 2 hours to create. This design can be created on natural nails for quicker application.

What would you recommend charging for the look?

We tend to aim for pricing our work at £30p/h so I would charge £60 for this set. 

What inspired the design/is the reason behind the design?

This design has the perfect balance of festive glamour, and modern elegance. Festive nails don’t have to be red!  It’s like a 1920’s Art Deco perfume bottle. 



PRO Colour Carbon Black