Tip Tuesday: Do you need Nail Art Gels?

The simple answer is no, you don’t. However, they could help improve your confidence in nail art designs, reduce treatment time, expand your colour collection, and save you money. 

Firmer (or higher viscosity) make nail art easier as they don’t self-level or run, your designs will stay where you put them.

This can help reduce stress when you’re sat opposite a client, especially when you’re just starting out. That doesn’t mean you can’t do nail art with lower viscosity gels, if you do, flash curing your designs can help! For more detailed designs, flash curing isn’t always practical. Better colour pay off also means you reduce bulk on the nails and you require less clear gel to finish for a smooth gel surface.

Better control can reduce treatment time for Nail Art & French manicures.

Building on the point above, if you’re finding it easier to create nail art designs or French tips compared to your usual colour gel systems, you could reduce your treatment time.  Saving a bit of time per treatment adds up, you may be able to squeeze an extra client in, or give yourself a deserved break!

Add unique colours & effects that aren’t currently in your gel polish or true gel range for less.

If you prefer to stick to one supplier or brand, often times, Nail Art gels offer different colours, effects or finishes that aren’t part of their core colour gel collection. They are usually more affordable than gel polish or a true gel too!

Another benefit is you can customise your own colours by mixing gels together. Always check with your supplier if you can mix them!

Nail art gels have better colour pay off, meaning you use less gel for full coverage.

Not only does this save you even more money per treatment, but you can add more colours to your collection for less. Layer them over a builder gel or true gel base for long lasting wear. Not all Nail Art gels can be used for full colour coverage, so always check with your supplier. If you choose to mix brands, we always recommend using the supplier’s lamp to cure their gel systems to ensure adequate curing.

Even adding a few nail art gels to your collection can help you take advantage of some of their benefits! You don't need to buy the whole range unless you know you'll use them all. Our most popular colours are Black & White. 

Have you tried our nail art gels?

Design Gel is our HEMA Free, non-drip, crème formula gives you complete control to create defined nail art designs, crisp French manicures, and delicate line art without the risk of running. These unique gels can also be used for full colour coverage. Mix shades to create your own unique colour or pastels. Compatible with all of our clear gels for long-lasting colour & nail art.

 Key Features

  • Control: Precise application with no drips
  • Define: Create sharp lines and precise shapes
  • Colour: Vibrant shades without adding bulk
  • Can be used for nail art & full colour coverage
  • Firm Crème Formula
  • Gels can be mixed to create custom colours
  • Available in 20 colours with being launched this year!

 Experience the Difference

Discover the incredible potential of our newest gel and elevate your nail artistry to new heights. Prepare to delight your clients with stunning designs. With iZ Design Gel, control, define, and colour your way to nail perfection.

The Finer Details

  • Available 20 unique colours
  • 5g Pots for over 100 applications
  • 30 seconds LED cure for dots and finer details
  • 60 seconds LED cure for full coverage and French


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