Tip Tuesday: Increase your engagement

  1. Post Consistently

Our research shows that you don’t need to be posting every day, but it is beneficial to post regularly. Create a schedule & try your best to stick to it. This could be every 2 or 3 days. If you’re posting daily, it’s recommended to leave 24 hours between posts. This could be images or reels on your grid! If you have a business page, you can check when your engagement is highest and post just before that time.

  1. Add a personal element

Clients return not only for your fabulous nails, but for you too! Share a little bit about yourself, this helps your existing clients connect further with you and let’s potential clients see a personal element to your page. But don’t overdo it, keep your business page personal, but professional.  If you’re not comfortable sharing videos featuring your face, you can share a photo and write five fun facts about yourself! 

  1. Don't Forget Reels

Right now, the biggest way to increase your engagement, grow your account and reach potential clients, are reels. They can be very intimidating but try to start small. Filming short clips of your client’s nail prep, applying gel or nail art, finished sets of nails, applying cuticle oil or even making a coffee for a client, can all be used for content! Try to film a few clips throughout your day to build up a bank of videos you can use to create reels & add text to them directly from the Instagram app. Don’t give up on your still images though! 

  1. Create Interactive Stories

Interactive stories are a fabulous way to engage your current followers and hopefully reach new ones. For example, you could create a poll when deciding which gel colours to buy. Try to stick to just 2 options and don’t do too many polls at the same time. Your polls could also be non-business related and used in a fun way, for example which dress to wear to a wedding? This again, creates a more personal element to your page without being too invasive. 

You can also create quizzes to test your clients nail knowledge! The quiz sticker allows you to create multiple-choice options and the right answer will be highlighted in green once they’ve answered! 

  1. Share Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes clips can be used to create reels, increase engagement and is a great option for ‘faceless’ content.  You can piece together short clips of your working day to create a slightly longer reel to share some BTS footage. For example, you could include how you prepare your desk at the start of the day, how you clean your tools, unboxing deliveries and how you have a breather between clients.