Tip Tuesday: Struggle with metallic gel application?

Do you struggle with metallic gel application? There’s two things that can help take the stress out of applying your metallic colours.

Stir or mix your metallic gels thoroughly.

Metallic pigments & shimmers often sink to the bottom of your pot. This can lead to uneven & streaky applications! Mix your gels at the start of the treatment and allow it to settle while you start nail prep. If using a pot gel, we recommend using a wooden manicure stick so you can really get down to the bottom of the pot without risk of scratching the pot & contaminating your gel.

Always use a base

Metallics will highlight any small dips or bumps in the nail, so we do recommend applying a clear base first. Don’t forget to thin out that free edge to avoid any bulbous ends! If you only notice after your clear gel is cured, file it out for a thin and natural finish before applying your colour.

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By creating a smooth & even finish with a small correction build layer before colour application, you can create a flawless finish and help metallic gel from shrinking. There’s no need for a full build layer (unless your client prefers that), just a small build to correct any dips, bumps or curved edges of the natural nail.

If you notice any dips or bumps after your colour application, they’re always harder to correct and sometimes the dips can look like shadows if you build on top of your colour. By using your clear base, you can easily buff or file out any bumps first or fill in dips.

Don’t forget to remove any dust with your prep solution and allow it to air dry before going in with your final layer of colour!