Tip Tuesday: Stress Free Upselling

Tip Tuesday: Stress Free Upselling 

If you’re trying to build your client base, increase your revenue, or are having bigger gaps during quieter times of the year, a great option to fill the time & increase your revenue is offering service upgrades!  

Our recommendation is offering a 10 minute Hand & Arm Massage to each nail service using the hand balm, cream or lotion you retail in salon.  You can add this to your online booking service or ensure you mention it on the phone or text when confirming your appointment.

Ensure your clients know what you’re offering and that is an additional charge with clear phrasing such as "Add a Luxury Hand & Arm Massage for only £xx”. You could use phrases such as “Treat yourself” or “Go on you deserve” for a lighter tone.

These should be offered at the time of booking to ensure you have allowed enough time to carry out the massage. If you have a bigger gap between clients, you can offer it you start your treatment. You can also promote this service on your social media or newsletter emails to ensure your clients know it’s an option. If you’re client doesn’t know what services you offer, they won’t be able to ask for them! 

Ensure your retail products used are on display during their main treatment. Your clients spent most of the time at your manicure desk or pedicure station, so take advantage or countertop displays or eye-level displays. Don’t just keep them at reception or the payment desk.

Hand & Arm massages are usually taught during a comprehensive manicure course, but if you your course didn’t teach it, or you’d like a refresher, please email info@izabellehammon.com with  “Massage” in the subject line & we’ll send you a FREE Video Tutorial & Guide.  

 Other options could be:

  • Luxury Hand Soak & Scrub
  • Luxury Foot Massage with each Gel Pedicure Booking
  • Luxury Paraffin Wax or Hot Oil Manicure

 These should be offered at the time of booking to ensure you have allowed enough time to carry out the massage or upgrade. Aim for 10 to 15 minutes (or reduce the time and price if your gaps between clients are smaller.