Valentine's Nail Art isn't all just pink & red, if you're feeling peachy, these Love Heart nail designs might be the one for you.

Love Hearts

Nail 1 

Apply a layer of Coral Peach and cure. With tweezers, place decals from Mini Love Hearts and Wedding Bells nail decals, in a cluster at the bottom of the nail; working left and upwards. Finish with a layer of Clear gel.

Nail 2

Apply a layer of First Love and cure. Apply a build layer of Clear gel and before curing, place Ruby Red Swarovksi crystals and a Gold LUXE 3D Heart stud and the bottom part of the nail. Cure to set in place.

Nail 3

Apply a base of Pink Blossom and cure. Draw a heart around the entire nail with a Nail Art Brush in First Love and part cure. Fill out the outer-edge of the heart with Coral Peach and fully cure. Finish with a layer of Clear gel.

Nail 4 

Repeat the steps in Nail 1 but apply decals only from MINI DECO iT Love Hearts before sealing with clear gel.


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