Hand Care Trio

Our range of vegan & cruelty free hand-care trio are our top picks for our Products of the Month. Designed to be used with in the salon but also gentle enough for everyday use, they can be retailed to your customers. All products are fully compatible with our gel systems and will keep your client’s hands & nails clean protected and hydrated.

Available in 250ml Bottles 

Our Peppermint Hand Gel is a waterless 60% alcohol-based formula which sinks quickly into the skin for quick cleansing & protection. It is a Triclosan-free alcoholic gel containing Tea Tree oil to help work as a natural anti-bacterial ingredient for protection without drying hands.  

 Added peppermint oil gives our hand gel a refreshing scent and leaves skin feeling fresh & cool. Not only does it cleanse hands instantly, but the added Chlorhexidine will also offer some residual protection from germs and bacteria.

 Alcohol Hand Gel should not replace regular hand-washing.

 Larger refills coming soon to save you money & reduce plastic waste.

Available in 250ml Bottles & Larger Refills. 50ml Retail Size Coming Soon.


Our lightweight, non-sticky Hand Cream is delicately scented with Lotus Blossom for a light floral aroma. Enriched with Vitamin B, E and A, our hand cream absorbs quickly leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.

 Vitamin E is a main ingredient for helping those with extremely dry and cracked skin as it helps work as a barrier for the skin. Vitamins A and B help to produce healthy new skin cells as well as help with signs of skin aging.

 Our Lotus Blossom Hand Cream also contains St John’s Wort and Wheatgerm Oil to help fight dry skin and is commonly used in products for eczema prone skin. Other added ingredients included, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein and Allantoin which both help soothe and protect injured prone skin caused by psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Available in 250ml Bottles.


Our Low Foaming Hand Wash is created to cleanse the skin without drying it out and helps to protect from bacteria and germs. A little goes a long way! Designed to cleanse hands before treatments but gentle enough to be used as an everyday wash.

Containing Tea Tree Oil; known for its natural anti-bacterial & antiseptic properties, it helps to protect you and your clients’ hands.  Its healing properties can also help with any dryness caused by cold weather or overuse of sanitisers. It also gives our hand wash its clean and subtle scent.

 Another key ingredient in our hand wash is Alpha Bisabolol which helps to reduce inflammation and heal the skin. It is a known anti-irritant, which is great for those with sensitive skin, making our Tea Tree hand wash suitable for all skin types.

Larger refills coming soon to save you money & reduce plastic waste.